Is It Okay To Purchase Your Wife A Roomba For Xmas?

Is It Okay To Purchase Your Wife A Roomba For Xmas?

My family and I sat within our respective seats, suffering a barrage of vacation commercials whenever Santa unexpectedly showed find-bride up in the TV, gushing over some vacuum that is state-of-the-art, in accordance with him, ended up being the right Christmas time gift.

“We require a brand new vacuum,” my wife stated.

“Great,” I responded. “i would like some more presents for you personally.”

“You’re not receiving me personally that for xmas,” she said.

“It violates ‘The Rule.’”

Oh, yes, The Rule. A decree that, if our wedding had been a written agreement used by a legal professional, would read as follows:

Under no circumstances will husband current spouse at xmas with a product containing an electric cable, including, not limited by: vacuums, locks dryers, blenders, those cool little omelet flippers, and also diamond encrusted, decorative lamps. Violation of said guideline can lead to instant return of gift to offending retail establishment and short-term disruption of interaction, herein described as the ‘silent therapy.’

Incidentally, The Rule will not apply to her whenever shopping for my getaway wish list. If it did, that shiny NutriBullet wouldn’t have now been beneath the tree final Christmas time, and I also would not discover how delicious a good fresh fruit and kale smoothie tastes each morning.

But, my wife’s insistence on a “no cord” xmas, in conjunction with her wish to have vacuum pressure, has kept me personally having a dilemma as 25 approaches december:

Do I have her a Roomba?

I’ve always been attracted to that little contraption that is flying-saucer-like zips around floors, drawing up any such thing in its course. It has a contact-sensing bumper that is mechanical a horizontally-mounted “side spinner” brush, a Carpet Increase if I spring when it comes to top-of-the-line 980 model, and free delivery.

It doesn’t include a cable.

Conflicting pictures entered my mind when I stared in the Roomba website, my mouse hovering throughout the “add to cart button that is. We preferred the image of my spouse giddily viewing the Roomba working its magic around our home on Christmas time early early morning, devouring Christmas time Eve meals crumbs and pine needles through the tree while she lounged in her own pajamas.

Comparison that with the feasible image of her lapsing into the aforementioned quiet therapy, determining I experienced gifted her with an appliance, despite the Roomba’s not enough electric prongs.

What’s a spouse to complete?

Unsure where to make for advice, we posted my “Do I have my partner a Roomba?” quandary on Twitter. My buddies had been just too pleased to chime in.

“At least your house will appear good whenever you use it industry,” said one friend, sensing a divorce that is possible.

“That’s a no-no,” commented another.

But other people, including ladies, urged us to move ahead.

“Four and a half years later on, it really is among the best anniversary gifts my better half ever purchased me,” gushed Sue Berne, of Kansas City. Berne stated the Roomba is really a godsend for picking right up dog locks kept by her husky/lab mix. Other pet owners concurred that eliminating pet locks is the Roomba’s no. 1 characteristic, although they cautioned the Roomba’s sensors cannot detect ? or avoid ? dog poop, causing unsightly smears on hardwood floors.

Our dog happens to be accident free for 36 months (points for having a Roomba) it is a non-shedding type (points against). Moreover, our children are past their accident-prone years, unlike the child in the Roomba movie who dumped Cheerios on to the floor, simply to have smiling mother joyfully touch the “clean” switch from the Roomba’s iPhone software, activating these devices.

I’m willing to buy one, The Rule be damned. “She needs vacuum pressure. A vacuum is wanted by her. She was heard by me state therefore,” We repeated to myself. And, on Christmas time early morning, we plan to result in the presentation unique and innovative, asking that she cover her eyes while we turn on the Roomba and deliver it inside her way. Whenever she eliminates her hands she’ll see an invisible, cordless cleaner at her foot.

With an item of precious precious jewelry at the top. I’m not stupid.