Thanks to Bill Gardner. Rozner: This European vacation no comedy

Thanks to Bill Gardner. Rozner: This European vacation no comedy

Bill and Monica Gardner in Genoa, Italy.

Thanks to Bill GardnerBill Gardner while watching cruise liner into the Balearic isles in Eastern Spain.

It had been allowed to be the trip of an eternity, a dream become a reality for a wedding anniversary celebration.

Alternatively, it absolutely was the nightmare of film lore, a Chevy Chase manufacturing with no laughs, therefore absurd a story as become really implausible.

Had he perhaps not lived it himself, Bill Gardner is not specific this story would be believed by him.

“Not feasible,” stated Gardner, the former Blackhawks center and Wolves television analyst the past 2 decades. “From just starting to end, simply not feasible.”

It absolutely was in the first place a trip to Rome on July 17, and Bill and Monica Gardner did their component by coming to O’Hare Airport hours in front of the departure time.

And that is in regards to the time that is last went in accordance with plan.

“She got through all of the lines not a problem,” Gardner said, nodding at their spouse even as we sat when you look at the garden of these Elmhurst house. “But I place my Canadian passport into the device and it also states i want support.

“I have to your desk therefore the woman appears at it, walks away for some mins, comes back and claims, ‘You can not travel with us. Your passport expires in under ninety days.’

“Apparently, there is some legislation about being forced to be straight back in the united states prior to the ninety days. Mine ended up being like 78. therefore, works out the expiration date is not actually the termination date.

“we wish it does not work like that by having a gallon of milk.”

1 of the trip day? Canceled. First couple of nights at a quaint resort from the coast that is italian? Canceled. The experience that this might be going to be magnificent? Canceled.

“Monica begins to cry. It is a tragedy. We’d Rome together with shore and all sorts of this prepared before getting on a cruise that is eight-day” Gardner stated. “they tell me to be there at 7 a.m. the next day and maybe they can get it done, or maybe it will take a few weeks so I call the Canadian consulate in Chicago and.

“We go homeward to get within the day that is next 4 a.m. and go directly to the Prudential Building.”

Gardner is applicable for a short-term passport, which are priced at $300, and a 10-year passport, which suggested another $400. It can take six hours, but interestingly at 1 p.m. he gets their short-term passport in addition they go for O’Hare and tend to be rebooked on a 3 o’clock journey.

“Somehow we result in the trip, nevertheless the first couple of evenings have left we stay in Rome for a night and now we’ve paid for three nights of a hotel for one night in Italy,” Gardner says because we weren’t going all the way to the coast for one night, so. “But we need to change to another resort the following night because that has been planned for once we came back from the shore.”

Now, after two evenings in Rome they are headed for an alternative region that is coastal Civitavecchia, and a cruise through the Italian Islands, Spain, France and back again to Genoa.

Appears wonderful. But …

“It is a train that is 90-minute to your slot. First, we must drive the town train for just two stops to access the 2nd train,” Gardner said. “we have all our baggage and we’re packed like sardines about this town train.

“My computer case has ended my neck and zipped through to my hip and we’re being bumped and jostled. Cannot move an inch.

“just once we got from the train, we stated, ‘I do not feel right. I believe one thing occurred.’ i did not notice such a thing. I simply had an instinct. I can not explain it.

“I happened to be therefore stupid. Somebody had unzipped my case and took every thing. Both our passports, my card that is green since, my delivery certification and all our money.

“together with receipt that says you taken care of a temp passport and a brand new passport. You ‘must’ have that as evidence to utilize a short-term passport.”

It really is “European Vacation” satisfies “The away from Towners.”

“we come across a couple of policemen plus they say go this way. We get like that. Then we are told to get a various method. We go in that way. Another man claims get upstairs. We get upstairs and wait a full hour,” Bill stated. “We keep asking, ‘Where’s law enforcement section?’ We finally get pointed up to a home. A lady cop starts the home and states, ‘we are too busy. Disappear completely.’ That’s it.”

“Not keep coming back later on,” Monica says laughing. “simply disappear completely.”

A trip guide revealed them where to find another authorities section, however when they waited and arrived another thirty minutes, an officer told them the place ended up being closed for 2 hours.

That is once they chose to simply take the second train to the port city in order to find a authorities place there.

Upon achieving the port city, these were told to mind when it comes to ship, they started so they walked several miles from the town to the port, where after getting the runaround for about an hour, were told to go back into the town where.

They stepped about 10 kilometers to locate an authorities section that has been two blocks from where they got from the train when you look at the beginning.

” So we’re walking and walking and walking down these cobblestone streets and also the wheel in the suitcase begins to wobble, pieces begin to go off and lastly it simply shatters. Therefore now perhaps the suitcase is not rolling any longer,” Bill chuckled. “We drag everything back in town, discover the authorities station with no one talks English.

“Finally, we obtain a cop that speaks English and then he’s great. He is doing a police that is real and then he stamps it with three various stamps and Monica is crying in which he claims, ‘Don’t worry. You will get regarding the ship no issue. We will simply take you here.’